In November will pass the championship of Gyumri on all-style karate

5 February 2018 became another significant day in the history of the development of the sport – All-style karate. The Armenian federation of all-style karate received the certificate of state registration!

The office of the Federation is located in Gyumri. The President of the Federation is Edik Sargsyan, who spoke about the development of this species in the Republic.

“The creation of the International Federation of All-Style Karate gave impetus to the development of this species in the former Union Republics. From 11 to 12 May in Gyumri (Armenia) international competitions in all-style karate in the kata category were held, and in November we will hold the Championship and Kumite Championship. The most actively developing discipline is full contact, but I am confident that with time we will have all the disciplines. “