Black belts and badges of the world-class master of sport in all-style karate were presented in Oryol

On Tuesday, 24 November 2020, representatives of the All-style Karate Federation of Russia, as well as of the International All-style Karate Federation, presented several athletes with honorary rewards. This awarding ceremony was a part of the Russia championship, the All-Russian open festival and the Russian Cup in all-style karate that took place in the Russian city of Oryol.

Andrey Yurkin and Pyotr Pershkin, karatekas from the Russian city of Oryol, have been honored a black belt grading of the first degree. They have also been presented with the IASKF certificate.

The Aliev brothers, Natig and Rashad, members of the Russia national all-style karate team, have been awarded to the world-class athlete in all-style karate title. They have received the pins and certificates that prove their new title.

Vladimir Bedoyan, the chief of Lipetsk Regional Office of All-style Karate Federation of Russia, has been awarded a Merited coach of the Russian Union of Martial Arts title; while Yuri Semenikhin, martial artistand the owner of 4th dan in kyokushin karate, has been awarded an honorary certificate of the Russian Union of Martial Arts co-chairpersons for performing the practical skills of self-defence section under the Sila Slova (Word Power in Russian) project presentation held in the city of Sochi.

The awards were presented by the counselor of Russian Union of Martial Arts co-chairpersons; by Andrey Merzlikin, hero of the Russian Federation and counselor of the Russian Federation Ministry of Emergency Situations; by Ramil Gabbasov, CEO of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, president of the Russian All-style Karate Federation and International All-Style Karate Federation; and by Yuri Shalyganov, Synergy University vice-rector.

We congratulate everyone upon receiving their deserved awards!