Ramil Gabbasov held a meeting with Farhat Husnutdinov


On Wednesday, 20 February 2019, in RUMA office a meeting between the executive director of Russian Union of Martial Arts, the president of IASKF Ramil Gabbasov and the president of the RUMA branch in Tatarstan Farhat Husnutdinov was held.

During the meeting the projects of martial arts were discussed, including the National prize “Altyn Bilbau’ awarding ceremony, the International professional martial arts tournament “Tatfight’ etc. Also, the participation of sportsmen from Tatarstan in national martial arts competitions and RUMA key projects was discussed.

At the end of the meeting Farhat Husnutdinov gave Ramil Gabassov a magazine where the results of the RUMA branch work for 2 years are summarized.

The Tatarstan branch of Russian Union of Martial Arts consists of different federations and public organizations which present different styles and martial arts accredited by the Ministry of youth, sports and tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan.